Large Birdseye Maple Serving Board

Large Birdseye Maple Serving Board


This board is perfect for serving up some cheese or snacks.   This can also be used as a cutting board. This board is Hand Made and % 100 unique.  The dimensions of this board are Aprox 11" W x 16" L X 3/4" Thick.   WOOD this look good on your counter?

  • Product Care

    This product is soaked in a food grade plant based oil and then buffed with a food grade wax in order to protect the board from water as well as highlight the color and pattern of the grain.  This board should not be submerged  in hot water for long periods of time and should not be put in a dishwasher.  Clean with soap and warm water and dry with a towel.  High temps can cause warping over time.  Boards last longer if they are seasoned with a food grade mineral oil a few times a year.  I recommend a product called Walrus Oil brand cutting board oil which can be found online.  Simply whipe on  the oil, let it sit and soak in, and then wipe off the excess.  Regular maintenace will ensure your boards longevity.